Plans for Unity 5

As Unity 5 has just been released I’m being asked about the immediate plans for Vehicle Physics and Unity 5. Here they are.


Vehicle Physics Pro

Vehicle Physics Pro is my upcoming vehicle physics simulation package. It’s a completely new and innovative product conceived and developed from scratch. It’s not related with my other vehicle package, Edy’s Vehicle Physics.

I’m working hard to get Vehicle Physics Pro into the Beta stage. Alpha repositories are already available to Early Access subscribers. The Beta stage means that real projects can begin using Vehicle Physics Pro with without expecting major changes affecting their code. It’s focused on developing the non-critical features, testing the engine and writing the documentation.

The package is already working in both Unity 4 and Unity 5. I do the development work on two different Unity projects, one at each Unity version. Both are sharing the same base code of Vehicle Physics Pro. I’ve already verified the engine to work seamlessly in both versions. These two projects will be merged in a single Unity 5 project for entering the Beta stage.

I expect to move to Beta within next week. Then, if everything evolves as planned, the first final version might be submitted to the Asset Store by May.

Early Access to the projects and the code repositories is available now with the Professional License.
Licensing details | Early Access details

Meanwhile, if you have some time to kill you might enjoy reading these advanced articles from the documentation:

Edy’s Vehicle Physics

This is the popular vehicle simulation kit actually available at the Asset Store.

A version for Unity 5 will be available by April 1st. This version won’t be an exact port of the Unity 4 version: vehicles won’t behave as in Unity 4. Unity 5 has changed so much at the physics level that there’s no direct path possible for upgrading vehicles from U4 to U5. New projects will be working from the beginning, but projects coming from Unity 4 will require an important upgrade process at both scripts and vehicle configuration. Most likely the vehicle behavior and gameplay will require to be configured and fine-tuned again.

Stay tunned!

All news and updates are announced on twitter first (@VehiclePhysics).