Edy’s Vehicle Physics for Unity 5 is here!

The popular vehicle physics package Edy’s Vehicle Physics is available for Unity 5 since April 1st as part of the Unity’s Level Eleven promotion. That is… free for Level 11 subscribers!

EVP5 - Level 11 - Badge

Edy’s Vehicle Physics 5 is not a simple upgrade. The major changes in the physics in Unity 5 made impossible to update the vehicle physics while keeping the compatibility with previous Unity 4 projects. As result, I decided to start from scratch and write a completely new vehicle physics simulation.


The key features as result of the new design are:

  • Designed for gameplay
  • Vehicles are simple to configure providing predictable results
  • Full C# source code
  • Fixes the problems with the WheelCollider in Unity 5

The package is now released as Beta. Some features and vehicles available in the old version are yet to be moved here. I’m now working on them and new updates will be available regularly.

Documentation is available for getting started with the project:

Edy’s Vehicle Physics complements my other vehicle simulation project, Vehicle Physics Pro. The first is focused on gameplay and easy setup. The later is a strictly realistic vehicle simulation. Here is a comparison of both products.