Edy’s Vehicle Physics features

Physically realistic, stable and fun vehicle physics in Unity 5

BETA version!
All the features from the Unity 4 version are being re-written to work in Unity 5.
Updates are coming regularly.


  • GTA-style physics: fun and realistic vehicles configured for gameplay.
  • Vehicles can be rigged and configured in minutes (video tutorial).
  • Straightforward integration into existing projects: just drop a prefab in your scene and hit and play.
  • Vehicle damage effects, including deterioration of handling.
  • Multiple ground materials supported, including per-material grip and drag coefficients, ground marks, skid marks, smoke, dust, etc.
  • Lots of audio effects: engine, turbo, transmission, tire skid, body impacts, body scratches…
  • Built-in “Pause” function for vehicles without setting timeScale to zero. Perfect for in-game “pause” screens.

Implementation details:

  • Full C# commented source code.
  • A single component VehicleController provides fully working vehicle physics.
  • Additional features are optionally added as add-on components.
  • Easily write your own add-on features by using the exposed properties and delegates.
  • Custom shader for particle effects featuring configurable particle shadows.
  • Fixes the WheelCollider problems in Unity 5.
  • Garbage-Collector friendly. No GC allocations in runtime.
  • Supports any physics timestep up to 0.06 for saving CPU.